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Balancing Life and Work: Remote Tech Jobs for European Talent

Posted: 14/09/23

Author: Jobgether
Balancing Life and Work: Remote Tech Jobs for European Talent

The 21st century has witnessed a paradigm shift in our work, accelerated by technological advancements and global connectivity. One of the most significant shifts is the rise of remote work, which has become increasingly prevalent in the tech industry. European tech professionals are no exception to this trend, seeking remote tech jobs that offer the elusive balance between their careers and personal lives.

Benefits of Remote Tech Jobs in Europe

Balancing Life and Work: Remote Tech Jobs for European Talent


Remote tech jobs in Europe offer a level of flexibility that was once considered a distant dream. Professionals in this field can tailor their work environment to suit their preferences, whether that means working from home, a co-working space, or a cafe. This newfound flexibility not only enhances comfort but also empowers individuals to structure their work around their lives, not the other way around.

The Work-Life Equation

For many, the balance between work and life has always been a challenging equation to solve. Remote tech jobs in Europe provide a unique solution. By eliminating the daily commute, professionals gain valuable hours to spend with loved ones, pursue hobbies, or simply unwind. This newfound equilibrium is a game-changer for those who value personal time as much as professional success.

Balancing Life and Work: Remote Tech Jobs for European Talent

Boosting Productivity

Contrary to scepticism about remote work’s impact on productivity, numerous studies have shown that tech professionals often thrive in remote settings. Freed from the distractions of a bustling office, they can focus their energy on meaningful tasks. This heightened productivity benefits both employees and their employers, fostering a culture of trust and results-oriented work.

Most Popular Tech Jobs in Europe

In the European tech landscape, certain job roles stand out as particularly popular and in demand. These roles often offer remote work potential:

  1. Software Developer: As the backbone of the tech industry, software developers have a high demand across Europe, and many positions can be done remotely.
  2. Data Scientist: Data-driven decision-making is essential in modern tech, making data scientists a sought-after role in Europe’s tech hubs.
  3. AI Specialists: AI specialists are experiencing growing demand in Europe. With European spending on AI tripling since 2019 and no signs of slowing down, this sector is ripe with opportunities. Specialized AI professionals have ample room for career growth, especially when identifying sectors that require AI expertise. Europe currently faces a shortage of skilled talent, particularly in blockchain, deep learning, and cloud security. This shortage contributes to AI engineers earning an average of €101k annually.
  4. UX/UI Designer: With the focus on user experience, UX/UI designers are in high demand, and remote work is common in this field.

Flexible Companies in Europe

Fortunately, many European tech companies are leading the way in embracing remote work and offering flexible arrangements. Here are some specific companies known for their flexibility:

  • AssessFirst is a trailblazing company that fully embraces remote work. They’ve boldly eliminated physical offices, offering their employees more freedom in terms of organization and living space.
  • The company has allocated dedicated budgets for various aspects of remote work, covering equipment, setup, running costs, and even meetings.
  • Working hours at AssessFirst are fully flexible, allowing everyone to follow their natural rhythm. Managing time to accommodate personal needs, such as shopping outside of rush hours or scheduling medical appointments, is encouraged.
  • The work environment at AssessFirst is remote by design, and employees have the freedom to work from anywhere, whether it’s their home in Europe or another location of their choosing. They even provide coworking subscriptions for added flexibility.
  • BlaBlaCar is a company that values remote work, offering a flexible remote working policy to all employees. They empower their team to decide how often they’d like to come to the office, whether it’s several times a week or once a month.
  • The company provides a dedicated budget to support this flexible approach, tailored to each employee’s situation. This means that the company is accommodating of individual preferences regarding office attendance.
  • The remote policy at BlaBlaCar is highly adaptable, ranging from working remotely for two days per week to full-time remote work.
  • Most positions at BlaBlaCar are available for remote work, with exceptions for roles that require physical presence in the office.
  • Work-life balance is further emphasized with extra holidays and additional parental leave beyond the country’s minimum requirements.
  • Revolut offers a flexible working policy depending on location and employment contract terms. They support both home-based and office-based/hybrid working arrangements, allowing employees to choose how they want to work.
  • Their flex policy applies to various positions.
  • Revolut takes the concept of remote work to another level, allowing employees to work from anywhere they prefer, whether it’s their home, an office, or even abroad. Team members can enjoy up to 60 workation days each year.
  • For those who prefer a coworking environment, Revolut offers coworking allowances for remote employees.
  • Innovative RevLab spaces worldwide are available for Revoluters who want to work from an office. These spaces are hubs for creativity and collaboration, representing a new approach to office environments.
  • Improbable is a company that prioritizes flexibility and autonomy in how employees work. They offer remote, hybrid, and in-office options for nearly every role, recognizing that individuals have different preferences and needs.
  • Improbable’s remote-first work policy empowers employees to choose where and how they work. Whether they prefer the office, working from home, or another location, the company supports their decisions.
  • The goal of this policy is to create a work environment where each individual can make choices that align with their personal and professional needs.
  • This flexibility extends to almost every role within the company, allowing employees to decide on the best work arrangement for them.

As the world continues to evolve, so does the way we work. Remote tech jobs in Europe are a testament to the adaptability and resilience of tech professionals. Embrace the opportunities, navigate the challenges, and find your own balance in this dynamic landscape.





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